Artifex offers a complete range of Round Shank Chisel for pile pilling  and Foundation Drilling.
It is used as ripping teeth on augers, drilling buckets and coring barrels.  
   Main Features
->  High Durability due to wear-resistant tempered steel.
->  High Grade tungsten carbide tip.
->  High Degree of Solder Quality.
->  Extraction groove for easy tooth replacement
->  Excellent rotation and secure seating due to a clamping sleeve.
 ->   We can offer  KENNAMETAL CODE:-  DS01,DS02,DS03,DS04,DS05
->   We can offer  BETEK CODE:-  B47K22H,B47K19H,B47K17.5H,BKH28,BKH40,BKH41,BKH47, BKH81
->   We can offer  BAUER CODE :-  C403,C402