->   Flat Teeth are used as cutting teeth on augers, drillling buckets and CFA starter augers.
 ->   The standard tooth SFZ 54 for mounting on standard light-duty drilling tools in soft to medium hard soils.
 ->    SF 72 is the tooth for heavy-duty applications.
 ->    We can offer  BETEK CODE :-  BFZ80,BFZ79,BFZ65,BFZ70,BFZ72
 ->    We can offer    BAUER CODE:-  FZ80,FZ72,FZ72L,FZH80,FZ64 and so on
    Main Features
 ->   Adjustable cutting angle by rotating tooth upto 180 degree in its holde.
 ->   High durability due to wear-resistant manganese steel
 ->    Every tooth is positioned in optimum cutting geometry
 ->   Optimum transition from tooth to tooth holder to cutting blade
 ->   High strength resulting from forging optimal protection of tooth holder
 ->   Tungsten Carbide inserts on cutting edge and on both flanks(optional)